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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Farewell Denver Nights Blog

While I've enjoyed keeping a sort of personal log from my various Reverb, (The Denver Post) Hot Shots, all remaining and future blog posts will be available at the original link, which you can find in the "Links" tab on my website.
Instead of maintaining this blog, I will be doing a massive update to my website for my concert and street photography.

So I bid this blog adieu with a crowd-surfing photo from Mayhem Festival @ Comfort Dental Amphitheater 2011!

(c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Monday, June 27, 2011

Westword Music Showcase 2011 Part 1

None can argue that Denver loves its outdoor events or any excuse to imbibe outdoors in the daytime. Yet Westword Music Showcase offered more than simply satiating such a pleasure. In its 17th year, it proved to be the perfect fusion of this and another Denver passion - live music. A laundry list of bands performed at intervals throughout the day, which seemed to be timed perfectly so that the crowd never waned or succumbed to boredom. Any vehicle in the area seemed to pass in envy, spotting those running about the district gleefully dancing in the streets on their way to the next venue, perhaps on their way to a necessary beverage refill. The crowd was lively, jovial, and offered a plethora of people-watching, including a visual wonderland of amazing ink on exposed skin (having long-awaited the sunny Mile High warmth) at every turn. 

Note: There are tons of photos from the day, which I've divided into 3 separate posts. Enjoy!

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Westword Music Showcase 2011 Part 2

View the final set of Westword Music Showcase 2011 photos in Part 3.

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Westword Music Showcase 2011 Part 3

Here are the last of the photos from the day! For even more, check out the Reverb link below.

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Social Singles Party 2011 @ Suite 200 Nightclub

Friday night at Suite 200 hosted the Summer Social Singles Party 2011. By 11:30 the dance floor, which consumes the majority of the club space, conceded to elbow room only. The club has a prime LoDo location in Larimer Square and is open three night a week: Tuesday (ladies night), Friday, and Saturday. Geared towards bottle service, Suite 200 touts sophistication and the possibility of socialite and celebrity spotting, and though a requirement of patrons is dress to impress, blue jeans are very much allowed; this is Denver, after all. Returning guest, DJ CC, spun a mix of pop and dance music, ensuring that the single ladies - and the married ones out for a girls night out - were cutting it up on the dance floor. When the go-go dancers weren't performing at their various intervals, those with the most spunk (or liquor consumption) mounted the dance platforms to strut their stuff on full display.

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Dispatch @ Red Rocks Amphitheater

Proclaimed "indie pioneers," Dispatch, celebrated three nights at Red Rocks Amphitheater, and day two was packed to the farthest row with eager fans sporting jovial moods. At the first Red Rocks concert of the season during which tank tops, Birkenstocks and Teva flip flops were aplenty, it almost seemed necessary to initiate a singular chant, "Birkenstocks unite!"

The show opened with the reggae styles of Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, who proved that clearly, reggae music and the first weekend of significantly pleasant weather go hand in hand. In a song whose chorus was, "Put your hands up," all of Red Rocks Amphitheater did just that, and anyone not dancing to the reggae beats stood out like a sore, stationary thumb.

After intermission, a special guest took the stage: a Native American tribe, who energized the crowd to the beat of tribal drums and dance by men, women, children, and even babies, all in decorative, elaborate costuming. It was a perfect amuse bouche before the main event.

The Dispatch trio took the stage just as the sun began to set beyond the magnificent reds. The one sock wearing, bushy 'fro sporting Chad Stokes packed a mean, energetic punch, and Brad Corrigan and Pete Heimbold were jamming in time in a radiating mass of energy that spanned from the first row to the uppermost benches. On this second of a three-day show, the reggae rock-ska-funk trio proved that mainstream isn't what packs a venue - the ever-loyal fans do.

All Dispatch images available on my website soon, or just follow the link below to The Denver Post

Friday, June 10, 2011

CHUN People's Fair @ Civic Center Park

With the warm weather arriving at last, it was perfect timing for the 40th anniversary of CHUN (Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods) People's Fair, for which the entire Capitol Hill stretch of Broadway - and then some - was designated foot traffic only. Exhibitor booths were sprawled across Civic Center Park and the surrounding streets, and various live music stages hosted a full day's worth of bands from old school R&B and jazz to new school rock, and everything in between. A plentitude of food options, drink tents galore, and the carpet of clouds insured that fairgoers would stick around to experience the fullness of the day's affairs that promised not only was there plenty of music to listen to, food to eat, and drinks to imbibe, but there was plenty to buy and browse as well, making it a bounteous way to kick off summer on a Sunday.

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Bisco Inferno @ Red Rocks Amphitheater

Read the live review by Reverb writer, Nate Etter on - see link below.

Here are some Disco Biscuit and crowd photos from Bisco Inferno on May 28th.  All Disco Biscuits images will be available to view on my website soon, or just follow the link below to Reverb!

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Untitled (Tourist) @ Denver Art Museum

It was time again for Denver Art Museum's monthly Untitled event, occuring on the final Friday of each month. May's event featured a tourist theme with activities throughout the museum, and guests were greeted in the Duncan Pavillion atrium to the tunes of DJ Jonny D. A mini play by Joan & Charlie, Braincation with Breathe Yoga, and Confession Booth: What Happens on Vacation Stays on Vacation were some of the fun things to do. Towards the end of the night, attendees gathered in the Hamilton Building for food, drinks, and live music by Kal Cahoone & The Dirty Pretty and Petals of Spain.

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, June 2, 2011

DOCA: Create Denver Week, Day 3

The festivities continued to day three, beginning with a full day of workshops and exhibitors. Rain threatened to cancel the evening's planned events of live music and poster sale in the lot behind Buffalo Exchange and City O' City, but the party was easily moved indoors, to a vacant, graffiti-endowed studio, which provided a perfect background for the evening's variety. Performances by Landlines, Double Shadow, and A. Tom Collins went on downstairs, while the Ink Lounge Poster Art Sale saw success upstairs. The evening ended with the futuristic meets extra-terrestrial, meets the infernal Persian army from the film, 300 by way of the most entertaining marching band one will possibly ever witness - Ichy-O. 

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

DOCA: Create Denver Week, Day 2

Day two opened with a series of panel discussions on the 9th floor of the Spire building, afterwhich the attendees turned their attention to the street below to witness an LED presentation, Frame of Mind, on the Colorado Convention Center. This was immediately followed by a 3D light show, Design Pioneers, projected on the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. It was definitely a site to be seen, and the streets were packs with a thousand onlookers, while listening to the tunes of Pictureplane. be concluded in next post...


All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

DOCA: Create Denver Week, Day 1

"CREATE DENVER: Strengthening the health and vitality of Denver by supporting the growth and economic development of its creative sector."
Denver Office of Cultural Affairs accomplished this in strides during the four days of Create Denver Week. The events kicked off with an art installation by Matt Scobey on the ground floor of the Spire building. The evening saw dancers, fashion displays, music by DJ Savior Breath (a.k.a. Reverb's Eryc Eyl), and celloist Ian Cooke, while guests had the pleasure of sampling Wynkoop brew, The Pollinator F.C.B., created especially for the week. be continued in next post... 

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, May 22, 2011

VJ Battle @ Denver Art Museum

For those searching for a unique way to spend a weekend evening in Denver, the Untitled events, occurring on the last Friday of each month at the Denver Art Museum are worth checking out. Untitled runs through October, and April's event offered a VJ Battle of jumbo moving images projected onto the building faces of the DAM. 8 VJs competed for audience votes for cash, prizes and bragging rights of visual arts prowess to the dj beats of Pendulum New Music. As the competition cruised into full throttle, the awesome spectacle surely attracted passersby, proving that in this city, you never know what you're going to encounter around the next bend.


All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Monday, May 2, 2011

Naughty Pierre’s Burlesque and Comedy Extravaganza @ Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret

To describe an evening at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret on the 16th Street Mall as “something different to do downtown” would be an understatement. With a calendar of raunchy events, one to see is Naughty Pierre’s Burlesque and Comedy Extravaganza every Thursday. The show offers a line-up of acts including burlesque dancers, singing, magicians and yes, puppets — a-la William Shakespeare and George W. Bush, all interspersed by the comical eccentricities of Naughty Pierre. Sure, the phallic jokes, slapstick humor and cheekiness — pun intended — run amuck, but it is to be expected. And with cocktails in hand, the audience was consistently howling for more.

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Crystal Method @ Beta Nightclub

After two decades the electronic music duo, The Crystal Method, can still pack the house and roll out the hard-hitting beats, as Saturday night at Beta Nightclub proved. The atmosphere was thick with rains of sweat pouring from the roaring crowd, as they tore up the dance floor to the booming beats. There were some lulls where the house stood waiting for some fist-pumping excitement, but for a two hour show, even the most prolific dancer could use the periodic interlude. 

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Friday, April 8, 2011

Drowning Pool @ Summit Music Hall: Photo Extras

Drowning Pool played at Summit Music Hall on St. Patty's Day. Tons of photos from that show so in addition to those posted on my website, here are a bunch of extras.

...Next up at Summit, Papa Roach in May!

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Denver Fashion Weekend: The Runway

Flirty, fun, urban, chic: these are just some of the words to describe the streetwear fashion, on day 2 of 303 Magazine's 1st annual Denver Fashion Weekend. The house was packed, and the audience was lively in the Exdo Event Center's mammoth concert hall. The show seemed to end all too quickly, as the audience wanted to see more of the playful strutting of the runway models, the cool fashion by Unity, Jiberish Clothing, Family affair, Division West, and Common Era, and the fabulous hair and makeup styling by Lillian Marsh and Mykal Grant Salon.

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved