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Monday, June 27, 2011

Westword Music Showcase 2011 Part 1

None can argue that Denver loves its outdoor events or any excuse to imbibe outdoors in the daytime. Yet Westword Music Showcase offered more than simply satiating such a pleasure. In its 17th year, it proved to be the perfect fusion of this and another Denver passion - live music. A laundry list of bands performed at intervals throughout the day, which seemed to be timed perfectly so that the crowd never waned or succumbed to boredom. Any vehicle in the area seemed to pass in envy, spotting those running about the district gleefully dancing in the streets on their way to the next venue, perhaps on their way to a necessary beverage refill. The crowd was lively, jovial, and offered a plethora of people-watching, including a visual wonderland of amazing ink on exposed skin (having long-awaited the sunny Mile High warmth) at every turn. 

Note: There are tons of photos from the day, which I've divided into 3 separate posts. Enjoy!

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

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