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Thursday, June 2, 2011

DOCA: Create Denver Week, Day 3

The festivities continued to day three, beginning with a full day of workshops and exhibitors. Rain threatened to cancel the evening's planned events of live music and poster sale in the lot behind Buffalo Exchange and City O' City, but the party was easily moved indoors, to a vacant, graffiti-endowed studio, which provided a perfect background for the evening's variety. Performances by Landlines, Double Shadow, and A. Tom Collins went on downstairs, while the Ink Lounge Poster Art Sale saw success upstairs. The evening ended with the futuristic meets extra-terrestrial, meets the infernal Persian army from the film, 300 by way of the most entertaining marching band one will possibly ever witness - Ichy-O. 

All images: (c) 2011 Quoleena Sbrocca, All Rights Reserved

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