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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dispatch @ Red Rocks Amphitheater

Proclaimed "indie pioneers," Dispatch, celebrated three nights at Red Rocks Amphitheater, and day two was packed to the farthest row with eager fans sporting jovial moods. At the first Red Rocks concert of the season during which tank tops, Birkenstocks and Teva flip flops were aplenty, it almost seemed necessary to initiate a singular chant, "Birkenstocks unite!"

The show opened with the reggae styles of Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, who proved that clearly, reggae music and the first weekend of significantly pleasant weather go hand in hand. In a song whose chorus was, "Put your hands up," all of Red Rocks Amphitheater did just that, and anyone not dancing to the reggae beats stood out like a sore, stationary thumb.

After intermission, a special guest took the stage: a Native American tribe, who energized the crowd to the beat of tribal drums and dance by men, women, children, and even babies, all in decorative, elaborate costuming. It was a perfect amuse bouche before the main event.

The Dispatch trio took the stage just as the sun began to set beyond the magnificent reds. The one sock wearing, bushy 'fro sporting Chad Stokes packed a mean, energetic punch, and Brad Corrigan and Pete Heimbold were jamming in time in a radiating mass of energy that spanned from the first row to the uppermost benches. On this second of a three-day show, the reggae rock-ska-funk trio proved that mainstream isn't what packs a venue - the ever-loyal fans do.

All Dispatch images available on my website soon, or just follow the link below to The Denver Post

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